Helen Kin Hoi Wong




  • Master of Philosophy (Historical Musicology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dec 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (Hons, first class), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jul 2005
  • Bachelor of Music Performance, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (transferred to CUHK), Oct 2001
  • Private student (Piano, Harmony, Form & Analysis) of Chinese-Australian composer Dr. Julian Yu, Melbourne, 1997-2002
  • Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School (under music scholarship), Melbourne, Dec 1994
  • Major teachers: Dr. Julian Yu (harmony and analysis, piano), Dr. Mary Mei-Loc Wu (piano), Miwako Abe (violin), Marco van Pagee (violin), Edward Grigoryan (violin)

Teaching/ Work Experience

Private teacher of Piano, Violin and Music History
Hong Kong and Melbourne

  • provide holistic teaching approach on music performance so that students become all-rounded musicians who play with refined expression, musical understanding, and loving passion.
  • provide academic coaching and mentoring to students studying GCSE, IB, A level, undergraduate and post-graduate music degrees, with students continuously achieving top academic results.
  • coaching students for music competitions and auditions: students ranged from primary and secondary school students (St. Paul Co-education College, Kau Yan School, St. Paul Convent, St. Marks School, Renaissance College, German Swiss International School, Island School, Singapore International School, Logos Academy) to tertiary music students (The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Baptist University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts.)

Instructor of Music History and Theory
International Scholars Tuition School
Oct 2010 – Nov 2011

  • tutoring students studying in GCSE, IGCSE and A level Music
  • designing course materials, study notes and mock tests for students
  • helping students improve exam performance by introducing learning strategies and test-taking skills
  • building up a library of Youtube clips using “” for the course “Sounds of Instruments of the Orchestra”

Lecturer of Violin
Hong Kong International Institute of Music
Jan 2008 – Mar 2009

  • teaching and assessing students studying for Certificates and Diplomas

  • designing Violin exam syllabus for Certificates and Diplomas

  • running student performance workshops

  • guest speaker for Violin masterclasses and talks in summer festivals

Teaching Assistant, Graduate School of Music
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sep 2005 – Jul 2007

  • developed and maintained a database for 19th century French Operas
  • transcribed music manuscript from Medieval source into modern noatation, using the software Sibelius
  • compiled a bibliography of early twentieth century pre-war American Music
  • developed and maintained a mp3 library of contemporary works by Hong Kong composers
  • supervised and marked exams from undergraduate music history courses

Tutor and Study Skills Mentor, Academic Support Programme
Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne
Jun 2001 – Dec 2001

  • provided academic support for International students studying degrees in Music Performance
  • subjects supported: English for academic use, Harmonic Analysis, Aural Studies, Music History.

Instructor, “Musicianship for Music Ministry”
Chinese Church of Alliance of Victoria, Australia
Aug 2000 – Feb 2001

  • offered public lectures for choir members
  • covering grade 1-8 of ABRSM theory and aural syllabus

Camberwell Music Library, Melbourne, Australia
Music Librarian
Oct 1992 – Mar 1993

  • archiving lending materials, maintaining library database, processing loan requests from local orchestras and different performing groups

Additional Professional Qualification

  • Elected member, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), Aug 2005
  • Qualifying member, Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA), Jan 2004
  • Associate in Musical Theory, Criticism and Literature (AmusTCL), Trinity College London, Nov 2001

Musical/ Academic Output

  • Thesis: “Musica Poetica in Sixteenth-Century Reformation Germany”, M. Phil (Historical Musicology), CUHK, 1.12.2009
  • Essay: “Sources of influence on Johann Mattheson’s ideas on Musical Expression”, M. Phil (Historical Musicology), CUHK, 21.5.2008
  • Paper Presentation: “The Rise of Music Poetica in the German Baroque: A Historical Investigation”, The First Postgraduate Research Symposium: Chinese and English Language Studies, Cultural and Communication, and Translation Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 29.3.2008
  • Essay: “Musical Representation of the Idea of Crucifixion in J. S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (1736 version)”, M. Phil (Historical Musicology), CUHK, 24.11.2006
  • Essay: “Figurenlehre and Affektenlehre in Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri”, M. Phil (Historical Musicology), CUHK, 22.5.2006
  • Essay: “Swiss made by Stravinsky – Musical Supranationalism in L’ Histoire du Soldat (1918)” (received Academic Creativity Awards 2004/05, Chung Chi College, CUHK), 22.5.2005
  • Musical composition: TSUNAMI (2005) for Symphony Orchestra, CUHK, 12.1.2005
  • Musical composition: Prelude “In the Beginning” for Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Baritone and Piano, premiered at Shatin Town Hall, 7.10.2004
  • Essay: “Musical Discourse in Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 17, No. 1” (received Academic Creativity Awards 2003/04, Chung Chi College, CUHK), 22.5.2004
  • Musical composition: Threnody (2003) for solo piano, premiered at Lee Hysan Concert Hall, 8.10.2003

Academic Awards

  • Au Yeung Lun Scholarship for Postgraudate Studies 2004/05, Chung Chi College, CUHK
  • Postgraduate Studentship 2005, Graduate school, CUHK
  • Dean’s List 2004/2005, Faculty of Arts, CUHK
  • Academic Creativity Award 2004/05 for “Swiss made by Stravinsky – Musical Supranationalism in L’ Histoire du Soldat (1918)”, Chung Chi College, CUHK
  • Dean’s List 2003/2004, Faculty of Arts, CUHK
  • Academic Creativity Awards 2003/04 for “Musical Discourse in Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 17, No. 1”, Chung Chi College, CUHK
  • Bank of East Asia Golden Jubilee Scholarship 2003/04, Faculty of Arts, CUHK
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships for Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate Students 2003/04, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council
  • Dean’s List 2003-2004, Faculty of Arts, CUHK
  • S. C. Leung Music Prize 2003/04, Chung Chi College, CUHK
  • School Colour of Music, MacRoberston Girl’s High School 1995, Melbourne, Australia
  • Honorable Mention, Final, Dandenong Festival Scholarship, Dandenong Festival 1994, Melbourne, Australia
  • Music Placement Awards, MacRobertson Girls’ High School, McKinnon Secondary College and University High School, Melbourne, Australia

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